About Timmy's

Claire Timmins - Timmy’s Founder:

“Having become increasingly alarmed by the headlines and scientific research released surrounding climate change, I had an urge to take action but felt helpless as to where to begin. It can feel overwhelming trying to tackle something as big as the destruction of our environment, but I came to realise that every single person with their everyday actions do, en masse, have a huge impact. Every time we spend we cast a vote for the kind of society we want to live in - whether that be choosing energy providers who utilise renewables, supporting clothing brands who pay fair wages and don’t exploit their workers or the planet, or simply choosing to carry a refillable water bottle. We as a collective have the potential to create lasting positive change, like good old John Lennon says “The people have the power, all we have to do is awaken the power in the people."

It struck me that we rely daily upon disposable items that end up littering our landscapes, clogging up our seas and landfill, and harming wildlife. They are often made in unethical and harmful ways and, due to the materials they are made from, our earth's resources are rapidly becoming depleted (I’m looking at you Palm Oil!). I take inspiration from people who aren’t afraid to take a stand, speak up for what is right and go about things a little differently, and wanted to create something that reflected this. 

Combining my enthusiasm for environmentalism, my obsession with timeless, minimal and functional design, and my love of independent makers I created Timmy’s - an online sustainability focused everyday goods store that champions designers and makers who create with the planet in mind.

Timmy’s stocks the best sustainable designs from British and European companies that counter the current trend of ‘single use’ - the ultimate goal is to help people ditch the disposables for good. By providing durable yet desirable goods, and championing quality, transparency and authenticity, Timmy’s is an antidote to ‘single use’ culture. Purchasing reusable goods that are made to last is encouraged - in place of flimsy novelty items that, for a whole host of reasons, quickly get binned.

My aim is for Timmy’s to become a marketplace for like-minded buyers and sellers. Connecting customers who are aiming to live an environmentally considerate lifestyle with designers and makers who are working with the same values. To honour this vision, the store will act as an online platform that provides exposure, support for, and also celebrates, the burgeoning scene of designers and businesses who are choosing to run their companies with the planet in mind. We’ve got everything from reusable coffee cups that combat throw-away culture, beautiful blankets made solely of waste byproducts from the textile industry, and even our own brand of handmade vegan soaps. 

As a company, we continue this mindset into everything we do; from ethical banking to using recycled and recyclable packaging, we aim to prioritise considerate business practices. I want Timmy’s to act as a catalyst for opening up the conversation about how much waste we create, but also help to provide a solution as to how we can counter it. Together we can pool ideas about how to build a more sustainable future. Timmy’s is offering functional beauty at it’s best - reliable, unobtrusive, useful and practical, and fundamentally designed to last. 

I’d like people to invest in and enjoy using our goods. Bring them into your home, age with them, care for and look after them, and treat them with respect - just like you would a reliable old friend - and through doing this we propose that this is what they will become to you.”