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Keep the Cup #reuserevolution

Keep the Cup #reuserevolution

One of the easiest habits to break when it comes to avoiding single-use items - is replacing your take-out coffee cup with a refillable one.

Disposable coffee cups are notoriously difficult to recycle so if you’re a regular coffee drinker consider investing in a reusable one. There are heaps of great options out there but Timmy’s LOVES KeepCup. 


KeepCup was started in Australia in 2008 by a cafe owning sister and brother team. They saw first hand the problematic waste that relying on disposable coffee cups creates daily. They had a simple idea - design and make a barista standard reusable cup so people can enjoy better coffee on the go. The KeepCup was born, and since then they’ve diverted millions and millions of disposable cups from landfill.

According to the latest statistics, the UK throws away around two to three billion disposable cups a year! You may have assumed these are recyclable - because hey, why wouldn’t they be, they’re made out of paper, aren’t they? And they have that little recycling logo on them, right? Wrong - in fact, the paper cup (the bit that could be recycled) is trapped under a film of plastic lining that stops the drink from making the paper soggy. It’s so difficult to remove this lining and get to the recyclable bit that only a very tiny number of specialised plants can do it. It isn’t financially viable for companies and councils, and there isn’t a huge market for the extracted materials so, sadly, most go straight to landfill.

It’s time for a re-use revolution! Ditch the disposables and treat yourself to a refillable, not only saving that planet but also saving you some cash. Many coffee shops offer discounts or double loyalty stamps if you bring your own cup, meaning your reusable cup will eventually pay for itself!

Timmy’s stock these 8oz and 12oz KeepCups designed for pure drinking pleasure on the go.

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